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changing parts z50


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  • Innokin Support

    To open a vape tank and replace the glass, you'll typically need a set of basic tools designed for this purpose. Here's what you might need:

    1. Rubber Gloves: These will help you get a better grip and protect your hands from any sharp edges or e-liquid residue.

    2. Small Screwdriver: A flat-head or cross-head screwdriver can be used to disassemble certain parts of the tank, like removing screws that hold the glass in place.

    3. Tank Wrench or Gripper: Many vape shops sell specialized tools known as tank wrenches or grippers. These tools provide a secure grip on the tank to help you twist and open it without damaging the tank or its components.

    4. Rubber Bands or Jar Openers: These can be used to provide extra grip if you're having trouble opening the tank by hand.


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