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[GIVEAWAY] The MVP series reshaped vaping as we know it. What's in store next?



  • Lyn Smith

    I have not owned an Innokin MVP but have heard a lot of good things it.
    My most valuable thing with my vape device is to keep me off the cigarettes.
    If I win 1 of the prizes I would like it for my son’s girlfriend.

  • Stacy Ray

    I have had the MVP 4. I liked it, other then how heavy and bulky it is. But the output is fantastic. It is now broke. The screws fell out and won't stay in place. So I duck taped it lol. I am trying to quit smoking due to my health. I need to get this done. I'm really hoping the new MVP is less bulky and heavy but still maintains the same great features. It would be nice if it had top fill tanks too.

  • Zaidoon Alsaad

    My first electric cigarette is Innokin MVP before seven years ago and it's still working .I would like to own the new one.

  • Roselyne Parsons

    This would be a great way to get my father into quitting smoking as he's new to vaping. 

  • Keith Nail

    Sadly I used to own an Innokin iTaste MVP until it got lost during a move. Really loved the swivel mouthpiece and the ease of coil replacement. This was one of my early mods coming off the 510 cartos and coils. Big improvement over using tea bags etc. This mod will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Anthony Gerzina

    Wow, the MVP photos you posted bring me back to my early vaping days.  They were great products which helped me quit cigarettes and I look forward to trying the new Innokin MVP products, alongside all my other Innokin stuff!

  • Karen Ladue

    I have used the mvp and loved it!
    It actually was the device I used to quit smoking. I have now been smoke free for almost 10 years. I did pass on my mvp to a family member and they quit smoking. The best mod ever! Thank you for making truly great vapor products.

  • andy_adi

    I have had the pleasure of using a few of the innokin mods before, first the itaste and later my favourite the mvp 2.0 which I still miss!
    If I was lucky enough to win, I would give one to my daughter to help her get off cigarettes.

  • Cindy Moriarity

    I was a long time smoker. I was introduced to invoking and actually quit after 10 years of vaping. I was down to 0 nicotine for awhile. These devices that invoking did this for me. Great smoke and designs that they make. I would like these new ones to give to my husband and a good friend who still smoke. Thank you.

  • Sonya Petro

    I really enjoy these smaller devices! I used the bigger box mods for a long time, but these are simpler and easier to carry with me, while they help me cut down on cigarettes more and more! Thank you!!

  • steven epps

    i had an innokin years ago but have not used one scene i started smoking again and would like to start vaping   

  • lee davies

    My MVP4 is my all time favourite device. I got it as I have always preferred an internal battery mod. It has never let me down. I still use it daily at home. I have a spectre and a sensis. Yet my MVP4 is my go to device. It is like a trusted old friend. I would love to see where innokin goes with the new model

  • John R. Hughes

    My first MVP was the version 4. I really like it and still use it today, but the battery is starting to die.

    The best part of the MVP4 was the long battery life. I could take it out and it would last all day, and I didn't have to worry about bringing along extra batteries.

    I would like to see the new MVP be rugged and stick to the basics, without the flashlight and other things you don't need on a vape device. Along with a long battery life, it would be the perfect mod.

    If I were to win the prize, I would want to encourage my brother to quit smoking, because I don't want him to get lung cancer.

  • Daniel McGeorge

    I have fond memories of the original MVP. Rugged device with long battery life. I have a MVP3Pro that is still serving me well after many years. Phil & Dimitris can't be wrong! Outstanding value and quality!

  • David Butler

    Loved my MVP, until it fell into a bucket of water.
    Would love to have the new one, and I already know who would get the other one.

  • Paul Kocurko

    have not owned an Innokin MVP but have heard a lot of good things it.
    My most valuable thing with my vape device is to keep me off the cigarettes.
    If I win 1 of the prizes I would like to give it to my fiance too help her get off cigarettes

  • Arthur Mixon

    If I win, I will give the other one to my wife. We both want to quit and it should be easier if we do it together. We would save a tremendous amount of money and improve our health. I am retiring next week and part of the plan is to use the money we save (by not smoking) on bills and general living expenses. So it's very important that I succeed in my goal to quit. My wife quitting as well would just be a bonus and maybe make retirement a bit easier financially.

  • James Kenneth garrett jr

    I'm new to the camping world I am trying to stop cigs an encourage my 78 year old father to quiet smoking cigs

  • Michael Shawn Coombs

    I've owned all of the MVP Innokin mod boxes! I'm about to order another one. I like having 2 in case one has an issue, I'm still good to go!!

  • Terrance P, Murphy

    The MVP has been a device of choice since release, have three 20w's in rotation at present.....excited for the latest incarnation!!!! As only so many recharge cycles left.

    I do really like the the coolfire series, aside from the fact have a couple hundred coils on for my Kanger Protanks, it is not designed for the tank design, have been mulling break out the rotary and modding in air channels.

    The MVP line remains my go to, and Innokin my first choice for devices.

    Thank you for the chance, best of luck everyone!!!!


  • Geoff West-Osborn

    The original MVP was what changed me from a 40 cigs a day smoker to a vape practitioner all in the space of one day or that's how I remember it, up until that memorable day I had tried patches, gum, cold turkey (several times) even hypnosis but all had failed in taking away the urge to get my hands on another fag.

    So a big "Thank You" to all of you at Innokin for the thousands of pounds you have saved me in the last eight years and I haven't strayed far from the original as I'm now on my third Innokin CoolFire.

    If I was lucky enough to win then the person I would like to encourage to quit is my partner who is as hooked on cigarettes as I was before getting my MVP.  

  • Mitchell Bryant

    Back in the day I used to have an iTaste MVP 2.  This was a top of the line device at the time and it lasted me quite a while.  As for the new MVP, since it is a pod device, I would like to see longer lasting pods with good reliability.  Something I have noticed about other pod vapes is that the coils burn out quite quickly and they usually have issues with connectivity after a while.  I owned an Innokin Glim that fell victim to both of these issues so I would like to see that corrected with this newest Innokin pod device. 

  • Kevin Doran Doran

    MVP5 is the first MVP device I owned, it served me well until it stopped powering on about a month ago

    I'd like to see Innokin continue the trend of larger than average batteries for vape devices but possibly work on making the size a bit more manageable, even if the battery has to be get slightly smaller

    I'd gift my best friend the other unreleased MVP device, as he still smokes but has commented on how cool the MVP5 was

  • Stanley J Lustik

    I did quit smoking after for 47 years in two weeks using 2 Innokin MTL tanks with salt nic E-juice. These are my MVP's. After two years I now vape and feel much better. I did do a lot of research first to make sure I used the correct products. 

  • Alfi Sutriyono Putra

    • My personal story about using MVP device is
    I have an Ajax Kit MVP5 device
    The MVP5 Ajax Kit is a very good device because this device has a large battery power, has a lamp that has versatile functions, has a compass as a guide when you get lost somewhere and has a built-in atomizer that can give a good flavor.
    • Most Valuable Products are products that have good quality and have versatile functions
    What I want to see in the new MVP is that it has the best quality and function, has a large battery power and if a built-in battery is made I want the battery to charge when it is charged super fast
    • What I want to encourage to stop smoking are my closest friends and everyone who still smokes, because all my closest friends and everyone who still smokes to switch to vaping because vaping is safer and healthier

  • Notorious Ron

    I have the MVP 5 and I love it I the flash light function made a great warning light when I got a flat tire on a badly light road so not only did the MVP keep me of the cigs it saved my life in more ways then one fantastic features on the device

  • Chad Beaver

    I have a life long friend that still smokes cigarettes and they've struggled with moving on to vaping. If I would win I would love to give one to him and help him get all set up with it. With all the vaping products out there I know Innokin is the way to go because with Innokin, I was able to quit smoking cigarettes myself. I didn't have anyone to "show me the way" when I wanted to switch. I'd love to be able to give my friend this new device and help him along the way. I haven't had any experience with the MVP devices but I mostly own Innokin devices. To this day I'm using a Podin. Why? Because it works for me. Thanks for the opportunity to win a couple new devices and the opportunity to assist my friend.

  • Bobby Cahyadi

    Actually i never had MVP in early days i start to vape..but i used i taste SVD and i taste VTR in 2015. They both i a good perform and i trust the MVP is the good ones...wanna try my luck in this give away because i like the style in the new mvp. But if i can request can you remake again the VTR please that model is so beautiful and that model is the first model sbs (side by side) that i know. Anyway success for Innokin your company is help many smokers quit their ciggarette. Keep the good work.

  • David Blackmon Blackmon

    My first real mod was the OG MVP. I have been a big fan of Innokin products ever since. I would love to win one of the new MVPs.

  • Dale Short

    I first started with the original MVP for the battery life. Every time a new version came out, I bought it. I have every version of the mvp, though I used them all to their death. They provided more than just my vape, they were a power bank for my phone as well as one with a compass and a bright flashlight that I've used in a pinch numerous times. Pretty sure that one is water resistant as well. MVP will always be my go to device for its amazing battery life, and utility.


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